I have been working on creating a scripted image install because our systems
tend to vary a little on hard drive size with the same system type, so I
need to have it create the partition first.

This all works great, until it tries to put down the add-on app images. It
fails on every add-on image saying that the path is invalid.

I tested to make sure that this wasn't an issue with spaces or case
sensitivity. I can even run the individual add-on images directly from the
bash prompt using the lines below and they image fine.

--------------- BEGIN SCRIPT

ZISNAME=`zisview Name`

if test ! $ZISNAME; then
echo -e "No image-safe data found."
echo -e "Assumed to be a new workstation.\n"

while test ! $WSNAME; do
echo -n "Enter the workstation name: "
read WSNAME;

img pd1
img pd2
img pd3
img pd4
img pc1 ntfs
img pa1
img restorep //apollo/vol1/images/D600-XP.zmg

if test $WSNAME; then
zisedit Name=$WSNAME;

img restorep "//apollo/vo11/App Images/Adobe Reader 6.zmg"
img restorep "//apollo/vo11/App Images/Cisco VPN Client.zmg"
img restorep "//apollo/vo11/App Images/Meeting Maker.zmg"
img restorep "//apollo/vo11/App Images/Microsoft Journal
img restorep "//apollo/vo11/App Images/Microsoft Office
img restorep "//apollo/vo11/App Images/Mozilla.zmg"
img restorep "//apollo/vo11/App Images/Symantec AntiVirus.zmg"

--------------- END SCRIPT

I'm hoping someone can see something that I'm missing here...

Charlie Silverman
Sr. Systems Administrator
Globalstar, LLC