We have some brand new IBM ThinkCentre 8171-3CG PC's with SATA drive and
Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit adapter.
The problem we have is two folded:

1. The broadcom NIC only connects at 100 Mbit FD (on a 1 GB switch) in
Linux, but on the same switch on Windows it uses 1Gbit...
I have tried unloading the BCM5700.o driver with options for line_speed,
but no luck.

2. Image restore speed is extremely slow compared to other older 100 Mbit
computers (from 10 mins. and more with 760MB image). I believe this is
due to the SATA driver not supporting DMA and that SATA have to be in
compatibility mode (hdparm -d1 says 'operation not permitted').

I have also tried the Linux.2 from forge (> zfdimgdrv > ZDM 6.5 >
Broadcom Drivers Xx280) but with the same results for both problems.

Saw other postings on the SATA problem, indicating that SATA is not
supported in native mode yet. Does anyone know when or if it will be
available for ZDM 6.5, or have anyone already compiled Linux.2 that
support this with 6.5?

Any information appreciated...
Tor Harald Lothe