been trying to image Dell GX280 machines like other people here, first I
had a problem not detecting the NICs, evenutally I did find the updated
driver and got that to work. Then, I found that it couldn't see the SATA
drive, searched the knowledge base and discovered the combination mode
workaround, which worked, It saw the drive, I restored the image,
rebooted, but it never goes past a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

I've tried fdisk /mbr I've tried going back into native mode AFTER the
image was restored, but all to no avail. I've read some of these messages
regarding similar problems, but I've gotten the impression that once
other users have gotten into combo mode, imaging works, its just slow.
Well I could care less about it being slow, our restored images don't boot
up at all.

I have very limited linux knowledge and could use some help.


Tim Menke