I thought I'd seen that someone else had done this, and I'm having an issue.

I downloaded the autolog cooltool from Novell's website (
http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tools/1035.html ) and captured all of
the registry changes that it makes to a .reg file.

I then created a zmg file that only includes that .reg file.

I have a scripted install that puts that zmg file down after the primary
baseline image.

When the machine reboots, the imaging post processor kicks off and names the
workstation. As the auto-login registry changes were already put in place,
the system then tries to automatically log in. The problem that occurs is
that, as the workstation name was just changed, the system will not allow
you to log in locally as the "domain" that it's looking for is the old
workstation name.

This generates an error. This error message MUST be cleared manually before
the system can reboot, which negates the whole purpose of the auto login to
make the installation of the baseline applications automatic after the
system is imaged.

Has anyone done this successfully, and would you be willing to impart any

Thanks in advance.

Charlie Silverman
Sr. Systems Administrator
Globalstar, LLC