Normally we use PXE booting for imaging workstations, but there is
several workstations that we can't use it, either due to lack of a
network connection or PCs that are out in the field with no connection to
the home network.

Now the solution we have been trying to do was using a DVD-R to hold the
image, and boot/image from that. But i've ran across a snag.

What i've done so far is took the Bootcd.iso off the zenworks box, added
the settings.txt. and our .zmg image to the ISO via winISO. The image
file is found in the addfiles /bin folder.

It burns correct, loads up to Zenworks 6.5 imaging engine, and starts the
imaging process. Then at around 20 seconds in displays "unexpectedly
found the end of the archive file". Then the process ends.

Ideas? suggestions? Anyone gotten something similar to work before? I've
been looking around for something off of the novell site about local DVD
images, but have found nothing so far, other than a few post here and
there asking about it.