has anyone had any luck getting the multicast imaging to work on NBO
servers? I am looking to lay down a base image, then go in and change the
workstation name, domain and IP address after the fact.
I am at a loss. I can't seem to get the multicast to start working. I
have checked several documents, and none seem to be able to point me in
the right direction. I have seen the cool solutions article on ZWFD and
NBO2, and it does say that my workstations need to be in the tree before
the multicasting can work, but how do I do that if they are clean new
pcs? I am using the bootable CD, DHCP, and all my settings seem OK. It is
not a switch/hub/auto-negotiating problem, I have ruled that out. I can
unicast to the pc's just fine. Image is located on the NBO server. The
ZIMGDBG log shows a lot of attemps, but nothing concrete telling me what
I am missing.
If someone has a way to use the Multicasting on new pcs from the NBO
server, please help me out.