I posted this to the Novell Forge ZfDimgdrv forum. Not sure how many here
read that forum so I'm going to break the rules and crosspost....


I'm running Zen6.5 here and the imaging is getting beaten by Ghost every
time. Even a Ghost multicast is besting Zen6.5 to a single workstation by
quite a bit. I'd say maybe 20% faster? If I compare Ghost multicast to
Zen6.5 multicast it's even worse. Probably closer to 40% or 50% faster.

I'm just using the stock linux.2 that comes with Zen6.5. Is there anything
I can do that will make it faster? I looked at the hdparm.s file and it
looks like the -d1 option is being set, but it's deep in a nested IF
statement so maybe it isn't?

Thanks for any suggestions...