Zenworks imaging object for scripted imaging will not be read by PXE Client.

Using ASUS MB, AMD64 2GB RAM, SATA with plenty of storage Running Win2000
sp4 with DHCP
Running Edir 8.7.3 - Edir is only on this computer.
Running ZDM ws import/imaging/pxe on this machine.

Workstation importing successful. Image Safe Data Check out good.

PXE is working. Tested with PXE capable NIC and PXE on Disk.
WS will run the PXE menu when configured to do so by either policy or
directy on WS object.
Using ZEN imaging maintenance mode works. Succesfully created images to
server and restored images from


When imaging object is associated with WS obect (either by policy or
directly). PXE will run full download

of linux client. When it reaches the point of running the script, moves to
runlevel 6 and reboots.

Contents of script in the object seems irrelevant. Used img restore
commands and also just used img by

itself and zisview and zisedit separately all produce the same results.

image log on server (xml file) returns "unidentified error" as the result.