Hello there

Ok just starting o use imaging and ran into SID problems.

Image is installed and put manually in the active directory.

When I reinstall the image the zen agent kicks in and changes the computer name so far so good but it also makes a new SID?

What I have tested with zisview
Workstation in working fine -> SID not changed
Workstation is imaged -> SID not changed
ZEN agent kicks in and changes username/SID -> SID is changed to a new value

When I try to login I get the error: The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.

3 Novell 6.5 servers (one of them is the imageserver)
1 AD Domain controller
Workstation being tested is XP SP1 novellclient 4.9 SP1 Zen agents are for the CD as there are no public patches for the zenagents