When I try to do a PXE boot (Dell Optiplex GX280), I get a DHCP address, a
proxy IP, a gateway IP, a boot server IP, and a transaction server IP. The
ZENworks Boot option appears. Everything appears to be clicking, but then
ZENworks Preboot shuts down and the computer does not PXE boot. For a brief
moment, before ZENworks Preboot shuts down, I see a blue flash at the top of
the screen (could be nothing I guess).

The NetWare 6.5 server appears to be configured and running as it should
with one exception that I have found... the pmap.nlm will not load because
it seems as if some other process is already bound to port 111.

How can I find out what process is preventing the pmap.nlm from loading?

Can pmap.nlm be configured to run on another port?