I'm currently trying to setup a process for creating and distributing
images completely hands off, and I'm running into a problem I'm hoping
one of you can help me solve.

I have created an unattended install CD for Windows XP Sp2. Using this CD
I've been able to create a base image for each of our machine models that
have the same settings and software. As part of this unattended install
CD, I'm forcing Administrator to automatically login 2 times. And I take
my image before these autologins happen.

The first autologin fails after downloading an image, because ZENWorks is
trying to rename the computer. But once it is done the computer
automatically reboots.

The second autologin, I'm using to install several assorted applications
I've turned into add-on images from application objects.

Everything seems to work to a point. I can download the base image, and
however many of the add-on images I need. We will install on the second
auto-login, etc. And the applications only install this one time.

The Problem:
Once I create an add-on image from an application object that simply
forces a reboot, I can not stop it from running the first time a
different user logs in. None of the other application add-ons reinstall
for new users like this.

I do not have the application object associated to anyone.

Any help you can give me will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,