Anybody have an updated Marvell GigE chipset driver (sk98lin.o) compiled
(and working) for the 2.4.28 kernel (we are running zfd65img4.exe)? (The
zfd65img4 update fixes some USB issues for us.)

We have been working the past two days without luck. We tried the
updated sk98lin.o file posted to forge however, this appears to be
compiled against the 2.4.22 kernel.

We have compiled from the 7.09 source from sysconnect (also posted to
forge) against the 2.4.28 kernel. This yields a few pages of unresolved

We are currently trying to compile the whole kernel from 2.4.28 source
and the zfdimgkrnlpatch-2.4.18-4.0-p1.tgz patch file, however, this is
obviously for a different zen release, and appears to be a dead end (we
cannot get the kernel to boot).

Like many others have experienced in this forum, we have a room full of
new computers which we cannot image. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. What is being done to avoid this in the future? I realize that
keeping up with the latest hardware is no trivial task, however, there
needs to be a process by which new drivers can be easily compiled. We
have a lot of Linux and Linux expertise here, so this should be a
relatively easy task for us (we have compiled a fair share of zen
imaging drivers previously). However, without being able to duplicate
the zen Linux environment, compiling drivers that work is an uphill
battle. Submitting enhancement request now...
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