We are about to deploy a bunch of workstations that are PXE capable.
I understand a little bit about how PXE works. Have not done
anything with Zen Imaging yet.

My main question is, what do dinic.sys and the linux files (linux.1,
linux.2, and loadlin.exe) do?

If I understand it correctly, dinic.sys is actually the nbp (network
bootstrap program). And it makes sense to me how it gets loaded on
the workstation according to the PXE protocol specification.

But then I get confused. Doesn't the boot ROM pass control completely
over to dinic.sys? And if so, how does dinic.sys go on to query the
Transaction Server? Wouldn't it need some sort of built-in NIC driver
to do this?

And then there's the Linux boot. I'm pretty SURE one of those 3 Linux
files must need some sort of built-in NIC driver. But how do they get

Thank you!