I have a NW6SP4 box that I upgraded from Zfd3.2SP3 to ZfD6.5. Everything
looks good until we try to unload ArcServe 9 on the server. We get a
bunch of "Free detected node 0x936D3640 is already free" messages and
sometimes it's followed by the server abending. I narrowed it down to
the PXEStart running. If I do not load it, then ArcServe unloads
perfectly. Looking at the PXEStart.ncf file, it looks like this:

load tftp
load pdhcp
load dts
load SYS:\system\tftp
load SYS:\system\pdhcp
load SYS:\system\dts

Not sure how things got doubled up and I wouldn't expect this to be a
problem since it should just report a Not Multiple message on the
console. However, the TFTP server does appear to load twice. Maybe this
is the issue? I'm going to try removing the extra lines so TFTP only
loads once, when the server is not in use later. Just thought I'd post
to see if anyone had any ideas what's going on.