Current config
1 NW 6 SP3 server running DHCP services ZENworks PXE Imaging service.
Multiple VLANs through Cisco 6500 switches, and MSFC router. Using IP
HELPER to direct dhcp/Bootp requests to the server and everything works

Desired goal:
We are migrating services to a NW6.5 3 node cluster and want / need to do a
phased services migration. DHCP services are tagged as one of the first
services to move.

DHCP services are configured and working fine on the cluster though the
VLANS as we updated the "ip helper" command. However, during testing,
discovered that the PXE (PDHCP services) would not get an IP address.

Now to my question.
Can the PDHCP.NLM and PDHCP.INI modules be configured and run independently
of the Zfd server? And loaded with DHCPSRVR on a Cluster Node?