This has worked for years... even on these machines!

However, now that I'm under the gun to quickly deploy two computers.....

I'm trying to multicast from Dell Machine 1 to Dell Machine 2, and in
another multicast, from IBM machine 3 to IBM machine 4. In each multicast,
I'm getting segmentation errors on the client workstation. Each time the
progress bar is in the same place, and it seems to fail on the same file (in
once case it is $logfile).

I've tried all the usual tricks... scandisk, defrag, killing restore files,
etc. I've tried 3 different versions of the image iso.... a 4th didn't
even boot all the way (can't mount /mnt/cdrom for some reason).

What's going on? Did XP SP2 change something?

Tim Wohlford, CNE