I just received a new DC7100 (replacing the D530CMT) and I had problems
right from the start. If I booted from the server via pxi, it would not
recognize the network card. If I booted from the boot cd, it would but
it would not see the hard drive.

I downloaded the 2.6.7-pre1 bootcd.iso
which was actually created to address this issue with Dell GX/SX 280
machines, and this seems to work for me.

I burned it to a boot cd and I'm pulling down an image (which I'm sure
won't work on this hardware but this was just a test to see if it would
in fact image) as I post this. One thing to note if I checked the
advanced options when doing a manual image restore from server, it would
say it's not a valid image file. (Image was created with zfd 4.01) but
if I unchecked that box it works fine.

So for all of you who are HP shops you will need this.

A few things to note on this box. It's a PCI-E graphics card, SATA hard
drive. There is only one 80 pin controller for CD's so you will have to
buy SATA drives for replacements. Although mine come with 80G, it was
only partitioned as a 20GB from the factory, and the image from the
factory won't even boot. Nice. Not that I use it anyway, I fdisk and
create my own, but that was just rude. :)