I have ZWD 4.0.1 on a netware 6 server. Usally imaging works very well
but recently we have been having two different problems. When we wish to
modify an image that has been working sucessfuly for months, we download
the image to a maching make the changes send the new image to the
server. Then we try to repopulate a lab. But we will sometimes get an
error some where during the download process saying that there has been
a "Segmentation Fault". The recent ones have started imadeatly after
preparing the partition and the file starts to download. I check the
partition information and there is a ntfs partition created at 29GB the
drives are 40GB. IF we do not get that error we have been getting an
error on a file that appears to be the last file of the image. And the
client will report "Bad Header File". When we boot the machine it works
but we have to manually configure all the settings. Not all of our labs
are having this problem only about 3 our of 8 labs are doing this. What
can we try?