I am trying to set up ZEN 6.5 Imaging. All was well until I tried to do
our Latitude C610's that are docked into their Port Replicators(some
people call this a dock). Anyway, the port replicator NIC driver and
the onboard NIC driver are the same and I can manually see that they are
both working fine(pump -i eth1 pulls an IP). Only problem is that Linux
wants everything to go through eth0 and not eth1. It would be very
inconvenient to make our users unplug the network cable out of the dock
and then plug it into their laptop. We are trying to go to full "hands
off" imaging. Can anyone tell me how to make Linux use whichever NIC
will pull the IP address? I have a linux guy here who can probably
splice in the script if someone could help me out with the code.