I've got a couple of questions about the Add Registry File option from the
imaging explorer....

1> Is there any way to add more than 1 registry file to the image using
this method? It seems that only the last one I use is laid down.I know I can
manually pull them all together into one REG file, but that's not nice when
some of the individual bits change.

2> When are the registry files added into the registry? I am assuming
that it's on the first reboot when ziswin runs to fix up the SIDs etc on an
XP box. Assuming that this is running in the system context, is there any
way to force it to update a value down in HKLM\SAM\SAM...? I created a build
user account, and the numpty that I am, I forgot to make it non auto expire,
and of course, it's now expired - and I don't want to have to rebuild the