We are currently running ZENWorks 6.5 - Desktop Management on NetWare 6.0
SP5 servers. This school year we are moving from Ghost to ZENWorks
Imaging. I really like the ZEN solution but would like to make a little
more user friendly for our after school student workers to image the
computers. Right now ZEN imaging is working, but you have to select
"ZENWork Maint. Mode" and get dropped at the bash prompt where we can them
type out "img rp (server IP) (server path)(zendfile.zmg). The image will
pull down and all is happy with the world.

What I am looking to do is make it so instead of typing out the long img...
command I would like to have either a menu or an executable for each type
of computer. i.e. - if we want to image a HP D530 all I would have to type
at the bash prompt is "530". Any suggestions?

Currently I have tried to edit the linux.2 file to include a .bin file
called "530.bin" that is nothing more then the long img... command above.
Whenever I am able to open, edit, and rebuild the linux.2 I get a kernal
panic. So I thought, what about adding my .bin executable file to the
linux3.tgz file so its downloaded automatically from tftp.

End result, all I want to do is type the name of the computer i want to
image and ta da, here comes the image. Any help, suggestions, idea,
thoughts, warm fuzzies or anything would help! Thanks.

Scott Brubaker
Systems Administrator
Highland Local Schools
Medina, OH 44256