New to Zenworks imaging. I've setup a test server running NW6.5 SP2 and
then installed ZfD6.5 with PXE and imaging.

I've created my DHCP server adding Option 60 and edited the pdhcp.ini file.
I've imported my test workstation. I'm trying to take a first image using
PXE. In C1, I've set the workstation object to take an image on next
reboot. Enabled PXE on my workstation.

Here's the scenario:

PXE get IP address from DHCP
linux.1 downloads
linux.2 downloads
get message OK booting the kernal

Getting DHCP info from the server. Please wait
Unable to obtain IP address
Proxy IP Address is set to <server IP address>
tftp linux3.tgz from <server IP address>
then there's a delay
INIT: swithing to run level: 6
INIT: sending the TERM signal
computer reboots

I've tried on 2 different models of workstations:
Compaq d510 with an Intel PRO/100 VM card
HP/Compaq d530 with Broadcom Netxtreem gigabit adapter

What am I doing wrong?