We have a NW5.1 server with Zen 4.01IR5 running Zen Imaging. I've got ip
helper-address set for this server (1.51), and I can image workstations very
happily. The DHCP server runs on a seperate box (1.66 but it's listening on
1.200) - although the address for the DHCP server is being returned as 1.66,
and workstations can pick up the IP address fine.

We want to move the Zen Imaging onto a NW6.5 server, running Zen6.5... I've
removed the ip helper-address for the 1.51 server, and pointed it to the
1.66 server.... At this point, I can get an IP address - again the DHCP
server address is being returned as 1.66... It then sits at the Issuing new
DHCP request for 30 secs or so... the Transaction Server IP is, and
it gets an error that there is No response from port map service.

When I set the DHCP server to run on 1.66, I get my IP address fine, as well
as getting the info returned for PXE.. except the address of the Transaction
Server is set to, which means of course, that the imaging process
won't go any further...

Does anyone have any ideas what I am missing...? I've been thru the proxy
DHCP and DTS ini file, and everything in there looks to be fine...