Hi All,

I have a challenge.

The background: I am working for a healthcare company, and they would like
to replace 3000 PC workstations in their environment with thin clients. We
have evaluated and chosen HP Thin clients running Windows XP Embedded. The
thin clients have 512Mb of RAM and 512 Mb Flash, and will run web-based
applications, groupwise, and maybe a few small clinical applications.
Citrix will provide other applications, and we are looking at HP's Blade PC
solution where the thin client can't do the job alone. HP pushes Altiris
with their thin client / blade solution (they pretty much require it). But
I have convinced management to go against HP's requirement and let me
upgrade our ZFD 3.2 to 6.5 and stay with Novell.

My first challenge: I need to be able to manage these devices with ZFD 6.5.
I have been able to pull and push an image from these devices with a ZFD 6.5
imaging server, but I am concerned that add-on images will not work because
of the XP Embedded Enhanced Write Filter (EWF). In XPe, the EWF is
disabled by a windows DLL before anything can be written to the flash. The
Altiris solution has a built-in mechanism for dealing with the EWF for
making changes to the flash drive. I have searched the net for some utility
that might disable EWF in a bash script, but I haven't found anything.

Is anyone else managing XP Embedded with ZFD? I would appreciate any advice
or suggestions.


Paul Peterson

By the way, Altiris takes over 15 minutes to complete an imaging operation
on a 256Mb flash drive. ZFD 6.5 takes about 2 minutes on the same network
and server configuration.