Hi all,

I'm curious (and starting to become angry...;))...about this PXE feature
designed by PreWorx:

ZFD documentation says I can add functionality to my menu, but from what I
got today nothing else than boot.dnx seems to work - and this one works with
delivered binary files only.
I found in an earlier post I need the Preboot Toolbox to create the
binaries....that's really annyoing: I don't want all the nice features for
~7.500$ - I want to use my ready to run .bin-files without this signing in
it.... PreWorx site says something about "signed binaries to be safe from
trojans..." and more about all hte great features of DINIC.SYS....

so anyone has an idea what I could use to load my bootdisk image?

Thx in adavance