I am developing Windows XP SP2 imaging process.
As add-on images we install quite a few things, i386 folder, office
2000, etc.
The problem is that our users are not admins and it appears the the
files and folders pushed down by the add-on images do not have the same
ntfs permissions as they would if we were just logged on the machine as
an administrator

Our Users are belong to 2 groups - Power Users and Users. NOT Administrators
Default Windows XP SP2 installation (No special NTFS things done to the
Add-on image example:
Copies i386.zmg to computer from Netware 6.5 server.
Users effective rights are ZERO, nothing. Only admins and system...

Admin copies it manually to the c drive.
Users effictive rights are pretty good...
Read attrib..
Read Extended..
Create files...
Create folders...
read permissions...

Any help on whats going on or why they are different?