We just got our Dell D610's and pushed down the same image we use on our 600's and our Optiplex's, and they take forever to pull the image. It takes 15 minutes or less to pull down on the 600's or optiplex's. On the 610, it's taking 45 minutes +. Plus, once the image is down, it locks up hard when the drivers start to get installed. Next we put the 610 HDD in the 600 and images it. Imaged pulled down within the 15 minute time frame liek normal. Then we put the HDD back into the 610 and it still locked hard when it got to the drivers section. If we disable the miniPCI in the bios, and then pull down the image using the 600 laptop, it seems to work just fine. We install all the drivers, then go back into teh BIOS and turn on the minPCI and all is still well. So there are two different issues here. Maybe the Intel Motherboard chipset and the ZDM 6.5 don't play well together. And then the miniPCI being enabled and locking the system up when trying to load drivers, vs. working fine and drivers load well if miniPCI is turned off. Anyone have any help to drivers or support on this? Thanks.

Matthew Pierce
Microcomputer Specialist
Office of the Vice President for Research