Hello NG

I installed on our Zenworks Server the SP1. Imaging for Dell GX280 does
work, but resore and imaging are about 50% slower as with a GX270
The difference between these two workstation is, that GX270 has a Intel NIC,
GX280 has a Broadcom 57xx NIC.

From the Broadcom site I downloadet the newest Linux Driver Version 7.3.5.
Now I have to compile this driver with the Kernel 2.4.28

On the broadcom site I found a Installation Note but this is written for zen
4.01 and for the older Kernel 2.4.18. I have to download the

This patch is to use with the appropriate Kernen 2.4.18

Could somebody tell me where I could find a documentation how to compile the
newest Broadcom Driver 7.3.5 with the Kernel 2.4.28?


Ramon Lustrati