So I am in the computerlab updating our image, starting from a clean one
taken 2 weeks ago, updating a few drivers, patch some stuff and doing
other useful things. I take a new image of the computer, which works like
a charm. Up it goes, no problem. Being a careful general, I decide to
manually restore a computer with the new image. It starts and progress
fine until I hit about 75-80%. The procedure just stops. Nothing happens
for some 15 minutes, when I am promted with a message saying "Unknown
error: 2147483217 and the progressbar jumps up to 100% complete.

From what I can tell, the machine has met with a file named "complete.bin"
in the computers NalCache. So.. I go to the computer from which I took the
image and delete the content of the NalCache-folder, take a new image of
it, reboot the computer I was trying to restore and start over, only to be
prompted with the same message, only now it seems to be stuck on a file in
the Zenworks-directory called HIST.INI. I exit the imaging engine and
enter zisedit to check out the image safe data, only to find it has been
overwritten with the information from the box I originally created the
image on.

I have deleted partitions, defragmentated partitions.. all I can think of,
but the **** thing just refuse to restore the box.

Any ideas? Anyone?

/Per J