Not sure this is the right place for this question but I found the other
conversation mentioning Dell GX280 series and figured it may work here.

ISSUE: The problem is really slow logins with the combination of ZfD 6.5,
ZfD agent SP1 (not 1a), NW Client 4.90SP2 or 4.91, XP SP1 or SP2, McAfee
8.0i and a GX 280 PC.

TROUBLESHOOTING: It can take up to 10 mins to login. We noticed during
login that McAfee 8.0i is hitting 99% utilization and staying there.

If we remove the ZfD agent we login into our NW 6.5 servers just fine.
Put the ZfD agent back and it can take upwards to 10 mins from login to
functioning desktop.

Leave the ZfD agent on and remove McAfee 8.0i and we login just fine.
Put McAfee 8.0i back on the system again upwards to 10 mins.

This occurs apparently only on our GX 280 machines running XP sp1 or XP
sp2. TID 10096911 suggested installing SP2.

Any troubleshooting / setting suggestions would be greatly appreciated.