We are trying to get netboot working on our Novell workstations to take
advanatage of ZenWorks imaging. We set up TFTP service on one of our Novell
servers and configured DHCP (ISC DHCP server v3.0.2 on Debian linux) to
refer clients to it.

# For PXE
allow booting;
allow bootp;
next-server; # TFTP server
filename "dinic.sys";

# transaction server information
option transaction_server_ip code 60 = ip-address;
option transaction_server_ip;

The workstations get all appropriate network information and load the PXE
client. However, they are not able to check-in with the transaction server.

Does anyone know of a way to push the transaction server information to the
PXE clients without setting up a proxy DHCP server?