Trying to have Windows XP on partition 1 (C:\, 10GB) and have a storage area
on partition 2 (D:\ 30GB). Partition 2 is used for Dragon Naturally
Speaking data as it can't be stored directly on a server and I don't want
the data to be overwritten when this specific lab of machines is imaged.

I created my image on the 40GB drive, imaged to server - Then I modified my
partitions in maintenance mode 1-10GB, 2-30GB, then I restored the image
using an assignment to partition 1. This restored my image to the C:\ drive
and allowed me to setup a D:\ drive in windows. Last, I made a new image on
the server only of partition 1 being 10GB (replaced existing image file).

Whenever I try to use A1:P1 scripted imaging or manually try to restore this
new image just to the 1st partition, it stops for no apparent reason and
imaging fails. No error messages or anything, just a command prompt or a
reboot which won't load an OS. Any ideas?