We currently have ZfD 4.0 installed and are looking to upgrade to ZfD 6.5.
Currently, we are not using the imaging portion of Zen but would like to
start using the feature with PXE.

During a testing phase, I have created an image and set the server imaging
policy's "work to do" set to the new image with a rule if RAM > 400MB. I
deleted the teststation's object in the tree.

On my test station with 512 MB, I then used a Win98 boot disk to delete all
partitions off the hard drive. After setting the workstation to boot to
PXE, the new image isn't downloaded.

After booting with the imaging CD, I then ran img to look at the image safe
data. The old workstation object's data was still intact. I was able to
run "zisedit -r" to reset the image safe data. The next boot, everything
worked fine.

Question: Is there a way to automatically run the "zisedit -r" command
automatically after booting from the cd. I'm new to Linux. I need to do
this for several hundred workstations and I figure the best way is to first
boot with the cd to reset the image safe data, turn PXE on, and the let the
imaging process start normally.

Any suggestions? I'm running ZfD 6.5 SP1a on a NW 6.5 SP3 server.