I have an MSI 915P board with 1GB RAM and a built-in marvel Yukon Gigabit

I had a perfectly working workstation, which I tried to image to the
server as a backup. Server is 6.5 all latest patches AND latest ZenWorks
6.5 patches.

Booted from PXE and pushed the image to the server - no problem.

Rebooted the workstation and the workstation now no longer sees the Tree.
Tried static IP address, reboot server everything. I can ping the server.
I can conect to everything else, but the Client (4.9 SP2 doesn't see the
server anymore. This is repeatable. have done the same thing 3 times now
on different workstations all identical configuration.

There's a big juicy bug somewhere, Anyone have any idea as to where it is?