I am trying to get some information on the structure of the Zenworks 6.5
boot cd iso image. From researching as best I can, I have found that I
can accomplish many of the features we would like by modifying the
boot.msg and the isolinux.cfg files.

I am a Linux novice but have tried to gather some of the information on
my own. It seems that the file initrd.gz is the file structure once the
cd is booted. I would like to learn the procedure to unzip the
initrd.gz, add files to the structure and re-zip initrd.gz to use on a
customized iso image.

I have not been able to find very much information on how to go about
this. I have a RedHat server that I can utilize. I realize that the
addfiles subdirectory can be used but I would rather learn more about the
procedures behind what is happening.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Lester Carbajal