I am in a campus environment where the PXE server is run on a Unix box by
University IT department.

I discovered that I can not run my PXE server in the same environment so I
must rely on their PXE server. The Administrator wrote the following
script on his PXE server in order for my workstations to download the

host "HardwareAdreessofHost"
next-server "ipaddressofmyTFTPServer"
filename "/DININC.SYS"

This produces a PXE-E3B TFTP ERROR -- File not found. He tried changing
the filename to "DINIC.SYS" with the same result. I noticed that the file
lives at sys:tpft. Is it necessary to specify the entire path? If so, what
is the syntax? Is /sys/tftp/DINIC.SYS or \sys\tftp\DINIC.SYS or
\\ipaddress\sys\tftp\DINIC.SYS or //ipaddress/sys/tftp/DINIC.SYS or what???

I know the PXE server works because when the Administrator specifies the
filename for their TFTP Server that they use to push GHOST images out to
labs, my host machine will cheerfully download their GHOST IMAGE onto my

Any help anyone can offer would be most appreciated.

Jim Williams