I have a mix in our environment of port speed settings, 100/full, 100/auto
and GIG. We are currently using zen 4.01 IR5 imaging. The most common
machines that we have are HP d530c and dc7100 computers. The machines can
network boot just fine as long as they are 100/auto. All other setting
cause the machine error out. The errors include, not getting the zen boot
menu (server is set to always display) and not be able to contact the dhcp
server after downloading the linux.1 and linux.2 files. I am able to pres
ctrl+alt and the menu will appear. If this happens, the maching will boot
up and recieve a dhcp address, but when I type "img", it says the command
can not be found. Has anyone else seen some of these issues and how did
you address them? Thanks