I am trying to update my linux.2 file for ZDM 6.5. I downloaded the
sp1a file and tried that but my driver is still not in the linux.2
file. The driver is the Marvel NIC which is on forge, but I have been
unsuccessful in getting it to work.

I followed the article from Cool Soltuions on How to Update the Linux.2
resource file.

It has you download a resource_update-1.0.tgz file.

I tried to extract the file, using the instructions, but it would not.
I extracted it manually and then tried to run the updatelinux2.s but it
did not work. I then looked at the script files and it points to a
loop.o driver which does not exist.

Is this documentation too old for 6.5 or am I missing something?

Any help is appreciated.


Dan Verbarg
BHDP Architecture
Cincinnati, OH