This is really getting to me. Any help would be appreciated.

Have multiple models of equiptment & this is only happening on a Planar
Invitium, but here's what's going on...

Workstations aren't using PXE. They all boot to the linux partition
first. Upgraded the servers to zfd 651a. PC's all rebooted & recieved
the updated linux components.

Upon next reboot, these particular devices crash (kernel panic) somewhere
between detecting USB and loading NETWORK. After further investigation, I
discovered that if I disable USB in the BIOS, everything works fine. But,
since I need USB on these devices, I then went & removed from the runme.s
the usb.s, and it still crashed. So, it's not a usb mod problem, it a
resource conflict problem. (keep in mind this all worked just fine in zfd

After drilling deep in the runme.s I find that where is crashes is when it
launches ". /config.s auto" (runlevel 2 section toward the end of the

Any thoughts???