I have set up a Virtual Network using VmWare 5.0 Workstation for
Windows. I have a NetWare 6.5SP3 server with ZfD 6.5sp1a installed on
the same virtual network as a Win XP Pro Sp2 workstation.

When I created the Virtual Workstation I used the following settings when
I built the system:
I/O Adapter - IDE Adapter Atapi (Given), SCSI Adapters Buslogic (could
have selected LSI Logic)
Virtual Disk Type - IDE Recommended (could have selected SCSI).

What happens is this. I prep the workstation image using sysprep -bmsd
so my image will be portable across hardware platforms. When I take the
image it works great. When I bring the image back down on the virtual
machine it works great. When the imaged virtual machine boots up for the
first time it gets caught in a blue screen of death loop with a 7B error
(Harddrive error).

Has anyone else used VmWare to set virtual Zen test environments and
encountered this issue or something similiar? I plan on later to run the
created image on a true desktop I just need to try to resolve the issue
in the virtual environment so I can move on with testing other features.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. I brought this here because Novell
uses VmWare in its classes and may have already encountered a similiar
issue and resolved it.