While testing a new image I noticed some curious behavior. We are running ZfD
6.5 SP1.

I backed up a co-worker's files onto an external USB hard drive, prior to
reimaging his computer. I left the external HD connected to the computer and
brought the image down and it did its thing.

When the computer came back, we could not see any partitions or files on the
external hard drive. Luckily using some software from OnTrack, we were able to
get the files off of the hard drive.

Worrying that our build process might have had a hand in this, I recreated the
scenario this morning and was able to duplicate it. In short, having a usb
external hard drive connected to the computer during will result in a loss of
partitions/data on that drive.

Has anybody seen this? Why would img blitz an external hard drive like this?

Tony Skalski
Systems Administrator
St. Olaf College 1510 St. Olaf Avenue
Information and Northfield, MN
Instructional Technologies 55057-1097
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