I recently installed Zen 6.5 and set up PXE based images. I'm having a
fairly strange problem getting it to work across subnets, however.

I have the helper addrsses in the router and the workstations can find the
zen server with no problem. If they are set to take an image they start
the process. The Linux1 and Linux2 files come down with no problem. Then
it tries to get linux3.tgz and apparently fails. (The error message is in
regard to not finding libtvision.so.0 which I'm assuming is in the
linux3.tgz file).

If I boot to maintenance mode and try to tftp the file specifically it
fails. If I turn the trace on I see a number of packets go with no
problem but then at some point I see it resending ackknowedgments and then
a bit later it fails.

I CAN tftp the file with no problems from a windows session on the same
subnet. I CAN tftp the file from a windows based tftp server on the same
subnet as the Zen server. I CAN tftp the file with no problems using a
workstation on the same subnet.

None of the switches or routers are showing any indication of errors etc.

Given that I can do the above I'm wondering what is causing this problem.

The imaging works fine across the subnet using a bootcd.

Is there any way to get a log or some kind of diagnostics from the tftp
server on the Zen server?

Does anyone have any thoughts on what else might be going on here?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Dave Thomas
Rivercrest Technologies, Inc.