We have ZENworks 6.5 with SP1a. The Agents are loaded with all options.
When a reimaged computer first reboots it displays a ZENworks Imaging
Windows Agent message. The message...

"The ZENworks Imaging Windows Agent is now finalizing the configuration
of this workstation. This process might take a few minutes. After which,
a reboot of this workstation may be neccessary.

Please wait to log in to or shut down this workstation until the Agent
finishes this process and this message disappears."

This may not be a problem at all but it takes 8 minutes on a 40GB drive,
P4 2.6 GHz computer with 512 MB RAM. Talk about annoying... and it will
reboot! I just don't know what to tell my users. I can find no references
to any such message.

Phil Arnold