I'm trying to work on building a kernel to make new ISOs for our
network. We have several different models of PCs and I need to add a
bunch of drivers. I can find plenty of ISOs on the forge site, but none
of them contain all the drivers - I'd like to go with one disk.

I followed the directions found here:

and got right to the point that it says to edit my lilo.conf file - but
then doesn't tell me what to put in the file! I have zero linux skills,
so I'm lost at this point. I'll be upgrading to ZENWorks 6.5 in a
couple months, I's like to get all my bootcd's ready before then. I'm
using a RedHat 7.1 system installed on a VMWare virtual desktop to test
this. Anyone have either a step-by-step guide for the LILO.CONF changes,
or a working VMWare image they'd be willing to share? I'm licensed for
all the software, so licensing shouldn't be an issue. I'll provide a
place to upload the file if someone is willing to help.



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