I need some help here. I made a sys-prepped image that works on all 12
models of our PCs. I added a couple reg entries to make the PC
automatically log into the network as a special user, plus as an admin
locally. Once logged in the machine installs all the apps from the
add-on images, resets the registry to clear the auto-login,
(re)registers itself with zen, erases the setup files, and then
restarts the machine. It works great. But here's my problem:

I need to know how i can image a brand-new, unimported machine from the
boot cd. I can pull down the base image, but I can't seem to figure out
how to add the add-on images from the command line at the same time. I
can always do them later, but I'd rather finish the machine with one
step. I have just one base image, but there are 20+ different locations
that need different combinations of the add-ons - and I don't want to
make multiple images (space issue).

Does anyone have an easy way to do this?


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