I hope someone has seen this problem.
Initially, I created a image using UltraISO using the bootCD.iso and the
workstation winxp.zmg file. I did this because I have dvd-rom on my
workstations and they do not support multisession CD/DVD. The first image
from DVD worked like a charm because the image (Zenworks imaging files +
winxp.zmg files) was smaller that 1 GB. The DVD only had the Novell client
installed and the Zenworks Agent. I prepared a second DVD using the same
process .This DVD and image has all the basic applications. The second DVD
size ended up being 3.2 GB with the winxp.zmg total size of 3.08 GB. The
workstation boots fine but the imaging process stops with the following
error "Error: Unexpectedly Found the end of the archive file". If I check
the winxp.zmg file on the DVD, using the linux prompt the file reported
has the incorrect size. The size reported using windows explorer is
correct. Has anyone seen this problem? Is there a size restriction on the
Zenworks Imaging Engine 6.5.1?
Any help will be appreciatted