to improve imageing speed I would like to set the Marvell Yukon network
driver to 100 Full Duplex.

As long as I am going the manual way:

1.) ifconfig eth0 down
2.) rmmod sk98lin
3.) modprobe sk98lin AutoNeg_A=Off DupCap_A=Full Speed_A=100
4.) ifconfig eth0 -AssignedIP-

everything is fine! --- But

when I try to use the same parameters by modify the /bin/driver.conf file
using joe

insmod $MODPATH/net/sk98lin.o AutoNeg_A=Off DupCap_A=Full Speed_A=100

I am not even able to ping any server. I have tried "insmod -f" as well as
no path info to sk98lin - nothing.
We are using ZEN 6.5 SP1 here and I do use the provided driver from the
newest linux.2 file.
What am I missing / doing wrong.

Thanks in advance,
Michael Sparenborg
University of applied sciences Hamburg
eMail: remove the underscores please