OK, with some great advice and help from the forums, I have managed to
make a bootcd with an awesome menu system. It works on everything we
have and it's saving me a ton of space by using 1 base image, and all
add-on images. I can drop it in any machine and reimage. BUT, here's
the issue:

We just got 245 brand new Dell GX280's. When I boot from the new bootcd
- it will not run my menu.s script. If I try to run it manually I get a
permissions error. When I check the permissions it's -rw---------. If I
update the local zen partition, then chmod the menu.s file 777 - it will
run, but there are only 235 lines of the 320 line script - so it
instantly errors out.

This exact same CD in any other machine works perfect, has the correct
permissions, and the whole script is there if I look at it with pico.
Any ideas?

I've tried remaking the iso on a redhat virtual machine, but the file
corrupts when i transfer it to a Windows box, and destroys my virtual
machine if I try to burn it inside linux. I'm desperate here, any ideas
out there?


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