Specs are Netware 6.5 and ZEN 6.5 SP1A.

My problem is that we have had some weird problems after imaging Windows
XP SP2 computers (7 dell models both laptops and desktops). Some
examples are random explorer.exe crashes and keyboard keys randomly not
working right after imaging.

After banging my head against a wall for a while, I ran scandisk on the
machines and found approximately 21 files were detected as having bad
clusters. Some examples are dllcache files and even win32k.sys and

Dell Diags rule out bad hardware along with the fact that win2k ZEN
images work just fine and don't detect any problems when scandisk is run.

Running scandisk after imaging the pc's does appear to FIX the weird
problems, but it is not a very fun thing to do. It doesn't seem like
you should have to do that to get all the keys on your keyboard to work
in Windows.



FYI - we do run Sysprep on these machines as we are hybrid
domain/netware environment. I don't really know what that would have to
do with the problem though.