I have never done this before, I must be missing something here.

I installed everthing in ZFD6.5 on w2k, have sp1b applied. I created a
workstation image object, pointed it to c:\imgs\image1.zmg. In the server
policy rules, I created a rule that if the correct ip address for that PXE
booting machine is matched, it will associate with the workstation image
object listed above. This should meant there is work to do right?! when
I boot the pc from the PXE built into the ethernet card, I get the ip
address, it says something about zenworks preboot boot, then it says
something about zenworks network management and security, it displays the
transaction server with the correct address, but then it says zenworks is
shuting down, then boots from the hard disk.

I never get a menu or an option to get to the linux kernel to do manual
stuff. I know I am missing a step here, but what is it? When using PXE,
do I have to setup the bootimg.iso file with settings.txt and put it in the
Tftp server or something like that? PS, all services I can tell are
running, including TFTP.

Please advise,